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55,000+ Members - RolePlayer is a social site where you can create characters and develop storylines through collaborative creative expression.

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20,000+ Members - Exclusively for anime roleplayers, where you can create characters & develop story lines through collaborative creative expression.

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20,000+ Members -- Roleplay your favorite character from a book, TV show, video game, or movie through online creative writing. Make new friends.

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Look, we're not saying the place is actually run by a bunch of owls in human suits, but... you might as well check us out for yourself. The worst that'll happen is finding a cool roleplay?

Category: General
RpNation - Our Nation, Your Creation

#1 most active role play website on the net. With a custom role play system & thousands of active users, the RpNation is a creative writers dream. Come share your experience today! The RpNation membership is 100% free. ...

Category: General
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An immersive setting combines with a friendly community and active staff to deliver a one-of-a-kind roleplay and writing experience. If you like writing, worldbuilding, and character development, check us out.

Category: Fantasy
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Mizahar is one of the largest fantasy roleplays on the net. It is set in a completely original world on the brink of extinction. Come see why we call ourselves the Writer's RPG.

Category: Fantasy
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Guardians Arising

A Dreamworks' Rise of the Guardians RP that features modern fantasy, fairytales, mythology, childhood legends, superheroes and conceptual themes coming to life 10 years after the events of the movie. Canons and originals are welcome.

Category: Fanfiction
The Next Incantation

18+. Running since 2003, TNI is a long running RP with a rich history and intricate, but inclusive, plot. With muggles and wizards at war, who will come out on top?

Category: Harry Potter
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Doutaini is a semi-realistic elemental wolf rp that has many packs, deep lore, advanced story and 7 sentence minimum for posting. Alive for 8+ years with a positive and accepting member base.

Category: Animal
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Wizarding Realm

What would sort of place would Hogwarts be if Harry Potter had never had to fight Lord Voldemort Or better yet - what if Harry Potter never existed Wizarding Realm is a present day, alternate universe roleplaying site that takes place within that same...

Category: Harry Potter
Creative Freedom RPG

Breaking free from the oppression of other roleplay sites, you step into the world of Creative Freedom where we strive to allow all who have a drive and a need for creativity to express themselves freely in the world of roleplaying. Creative Freedom is...

Category: Fantasy
AsianRoleplay | For Fans Of All Things Asian

AsianRoleplay, a social network for fans of all things Asian, including entertainment from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and many others. K-Pop, J-Pop and other east asian entertainment stars are popular in...

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The Omniverse

The Omniverse is a crossover RPG with a unique style, where you may join with any character, pre-existing or original. Earn Omnilium with every post, gain powers, transformations and allies, and make your mark on a completely mutable world.

Category: General
Charming - Victorian Potterverse

Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set in the village of Hogsmeade and the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We allow upper, middle and lower class characters whether they be magical or muggle, as well as several non human...

Category: Harry Potter