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Harry Potter

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Static Hogwarts RPG

Post-Potter, No Wordcount, 18+, All-Original! Static Hogwarts is a semi-sandbox site with a member driven, member participation plot. What does this mean for you? It means that your participation in any plot is up to you, the member, and the character...

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Atop Mount Greylock; A Modern Day Ilvermorny RPG

We are a Harry Potter based RPG situated in modern day Ilvermorny for Original Characters only. There is a town as well, so you do not absolutely have to write a student and we have open professor positions. We are rated 2-2-2 but are a jcink premium...

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 170
The Next Incantation

18+. Self Hosted. Running since 2003, TNI is a long running RP with a rich history and intricate, but inclusive, plot. With muggles and wizards at war, who will come out on top?

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 161
The Ministry

The Ministry is a Harry Potter board set a few years after the Battle of Hogwarts. We are no word count, 18+, laid-back adults who can throw down serious feels and serious fun. Come by and say hello!

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 69
The Treehouse

The Treehouse is a Post-Potter Sandbox RPG that spans the entire magical and muggle worlds. This forum focuses on four of the main magical schools from Harry Potter canon: Beauxbatons, Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Ilvermorny. However, characters from other...

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 49
Hogwarts Our Way

H.O.W. is a 17-year-old RPG, where nearly everything goes and everyone gets points and/or pointy objects! Let your imagination loose... and then run for cover!

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 26
Marauders Unleashed

Marauders Unleashed is a Harry Potter RP set during the height of the First Wizarding War. Have you ever wondered what life at Hogwarts would be like when the Dark Lord was at his peak strength? If so, we want you today!

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 12
The Deathly Hallows

The year is 1996. Voldemort has just openly announced his arrival at the Ministry, and the Wizarding World is paranoid and frightened. Terror takes hold, and the Ministry has started throwing innocents into prison. How will the students of Hogwarts...

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 8
Hogwarts School

HSNet is an all-ages, no word count, AU Harry Potter roleplay set in the 1940s. With a hardworking staff and 15 years of history, HSNet has something for everyone. Sound like your cup of tea? We've been expecting you.

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 5
Finite Incantatem

Finite Incantatem is an AU roleplay based around the world presented in Harry Potter books and movies. Set in 2021, the wizarding world is on the brink of chaos as the Muggle world around them is in shambles. Anti-muggle sentiment is stronger than ever...

Category: Harry Potter
Hogwarts School Online

The year is 2041! It’s been 43 years since the boy who lived has defeated the dark lord known as Voldemort. While the Wizarding World is on the verge of a war yet again, the Ministry Officials are doing their best trying to keep things balanced....

Category: Harry Potter
Fantastic Beasts: A Brave New World

A Fantastic Beasts RPG that features Ilvermorny, MACUSA, and new locations around America including New Orleans, Roanoke, and Ravenwood Animal Sanctuary.

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 3

An AU Harry Potter RPG set in Japan. A Magical Place where witches and wizards thrive, albeit struggling to hide their presence from the mundane world. Nothing and no one could track or target it. Many had tried, but all had failed. The story of the...

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 2
Magical Mayhem

Magical Mayhem is an active AU Harry Potter Roleplay celebrating seven years of magic! Set two hundred years after the books, we host a friendly and ever-growing community of original characters and talented writers.

Category: Harry Potter
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Magical Hogwarts

Magical Hogwarts is a post-war Harry Potter RPG set in the year 2001. We have an expansive setting. We feature Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, Mahoutokoro, and Ilvermorny, as well as offer multiple areas for adult characters to play as well. Players...

Category: Harry Potter