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Anime | A Social Network for Anime Roleplayers

35,000+ Members - Exclusively for anime roleplayers, where you can create characters & develop story lines through collaborative creative expression.

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Sword Art Online RPG

Enter the world of Aincrad and adventure in a virtual reality 'game' where all of the players suddenly trapped within the game. The only way to get out is to beat it. The catch is, if you die in the game, you die in real life!

Category: Anime
Votes: 252
Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction is an animanga superpowers roleplay that is set in a fictional city called City of Kings. It houses three exclusive academies that accept students with supernatural abilities. It is a diverse city that reflects the bizarre nature of...

Category: Anime
Votes: 142

Unlimited Anime Roleplaying - Use any sort of anime related character or anime related OC to fulfill your ongoing roleplaying experience with any genre or rating.

Category: Anime
DragonballZ Universe

Our story takes place thousands of years after the passing of the Z-fighters and their enemies. It takes place in a world very different from the one they knew! Many of the Earthlings are now able to manipulate their ki, the saiyan race is divided in...

Category: Anime
Votes: 39

An active roleplaying community based loosely on Naruto. Enjoy being able to have a character that grows from an academy student to a legendary shinobi. Ninpocho has a unique and stylized combat system that makes fights to the death between players a...

Category: Anime
Votes: 34
Dragon Ball Summit

A brand new Dragonball RPG with a friendly staff, accepting new members now!

Category: Anime
Votes: 25
Carry Your Dreams

Carry Your Dreams is a Naruto RPG set in a distant past where none of the characters from the canon are yet born. However, the clans and abilities that they utilized and were a part of still exist. Our mission is to bring back and instill a sense of the...

Category: Anime
RpVoid - Create avatars and RP in chats

Tired of forums? Give us a try then! - Create avatars with our editor and use them in roleplaying chats! (new items for the avatars every week)

Category: Anime
Sanction City: A City Trapped in Time

Sanction City is a stat-based roleplay board, with the potential for your character to get powers as well. We are beginner friendly and accept people of all roleplaying levels. The city itself seems to be alive, eating time and pulling in people and...

Category: Anime
Digital Chance Delta

A digimon rpg where you can be anyone and anything you want.

Category: Anime
Dragon Ball Ascension

Here at Ascension we aren't just fans of Dragon Ball, but fans of creativity and good writing. We encourage people to roleplay as they wish, and expand on the canon as they see fit, with a long history and a wealth of options, and a GM system to help...

Category: Anime
Votes: 5
Dragon Ball Journey

Original story concept for the Dragon Ball universe were none of the actual manga/anime ever happened.

Category: Anime
Votes: 4
Legions of Lumos

Lumos, a once prosperous city, found itself at a significant, and abrupt, loss of resources causing a drastic plunge back into what would now be considered a modern-day society. The event happened over night. Surrounding land masses, people,...

Category: Anime
Votes: 4

We are an original character Dragonball Z roleplay, set 500 years after the Z-Fighters died off. We feature a competitive dice-based battle system.

Category: Anime