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An immersive setting combines with a friendly community and active staff to deliver a one-of-a-kind roleplay and writing experience. If you like writing, worldbuilding, and character development, check us out.

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The Dark Hour  Adult  Mature RP

THE DARK HOUR Welcome to our writing, community the dark hour is an adult mature writing site for creative and fantasy writing. The Dark Hour welcomes all writers who are interested in getting a little dark, a little weird, but always looking for a good...

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Enter the world of Revaliir : a fantasy based website where imaginative minds come together to weave stories of their own creation. Find your character locked in battle against a deadly wraith! Or perhaps having a drink with a deity at a local tavern....

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ZEJ Roleplaying

A growing community focusing primarily on sci-fantasy, but accepting all genres. Includes collaborative universe-building and a unique, custom statistical-based format for RPG-like roleplays. Dedicated chatroom in the form of a Discord server for general...

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Votes: 315
Tales Untold

We are an 18 , creative writing, multi genre roleplay community which welcomes writers of all levels to join

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Votes: 273

A long-running fantasy RP. Classic shop system, lots of customization available, original setting with an experienced, mature staff. Suited to RPers of all skill. Don't forget to bookmark us!

Category: Fantasy
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Standing Trials

In a world where immortal beings wage war using mankind as their weapons, how would you fare during the trials of life and death? -- Standing Trials is a play by post RP that has a unique leveling system not commonly found in other roleplays. Come check...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 89
Realms of Hyrule

Unlike Realms of Hyrules in the past, which were usually based on one particular game, this RoH's setting is more of an amalgamation of various locations noted through the entire series. The current location open now is simply "Northern Hyrule". There...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 85
Demon Realm

Once, every night when the realm of man went to sleep, their dreams would take them into the world of demons, where nightmares were born. One day, perhaps not so long ago, the divide disappeared. The realm of demon and the realm of man became one, and so...

Category: Fantasy
The Kingdom: An Original Steampunk Fantasy RP

One kingdom, fearing magic, threatens war against another kingdom that welcomes magic users. Resistance is gathering on both sides. On which side will you fight?

Category: Fantasy
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Welcome to Sinsomnia, a setting that is inspired by the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter book series. It is an AU - Alternate Universe where we do not have any canon characters. We are an 18 RP site, have a 3-3-3 rating, multiple species to choose from, and an...

Category: Fantasy
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Infinite Loop

Au Undertale. Monsters are trapped, not by a barrier but by ancient time magic which causes them to live the same two months over and over.

Category: Fantasy
Ravenblack Dark Alleyway

Vampire role play. A game that has been around for more than a decade. It has role play forums and a chat room with a very basic browser grid with powers and weapons to add an extra touch to the role play. You can go to...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 37

Indignation is a Fire Emblem roleplay. It takes place around the Nohr and Hoshidan kingoms, as they fight for dominance. Join us as we create dramatic tales or wage war!

Category: Fantasy
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Black Prism

Black Prism is a Brent Weeks AU, modern fantasy, play-by-post RPG where two kinds of major magic are dueling to own Lochstone, Washington... and then the world. No word count, friendly community where members shape the world's development!

Category: Fantasy