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Harry Potter

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Start as an 11 year old entering Hogwarts. Role-play, attend classes, collect Chocolate Frogs Cards... is a brand new RP website, make it what you want it to be. Self made and hosted. Original characters only.

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 358
Dawn Of Hope

In 1400 after the war, Bruelsos was developed behind the premise that they would be able to safeguard the fabric of magical existence along with the magical government. However, Dark power knows no bounds. No walls that can simply keep them away. Bidding...

Visit Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 140

The United Kingdom has cracked down on lycanthropy and Ireland has become a werewolf sanctuary in this AU Harry Potter forum. Come wander with us! Original characters only, intermediate to advanced writing, semi-sandbox, restricted to members age 18+.

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 148
Hogwarts School

HSNet is an all-ages, no word count, AU Harry Potter roleplay set in the 1960s. With a hardworking staff and 20 years of history, HSNet has something for everyone. Sound like your cup of tea? We've been expecting you.

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 107
The Treehouse

The Treehouse is a Post-Potter Sandbox RPG that spans the entire magical and muggle worlds. This forum focuses on four of the main magical schools from Harry Potter canon: Beauxbatons, Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Ilvermorny. However, characters from other...

Category: Harry Potter
Falcon Haven Academy and University of Magic

Falcon Haven is an original magical school site that is character driven. We are set in a fictional town of Hidden Creek, in the Washington State. We offer students an opportunity to broaden their horizons through our university program which gives them...

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 16

A mature, character-driven post-war Marauders era AU. The year is 1985, the war is declared over, and wizarding Britain begins to clean up and return to normalcy. But the end is just a beginning, and with a recent Azkaban break-out on their hands, the...

Category: Harry Potter
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The Ministry

The Ministry is a Harry Potter board set a few years after the Battle of Hogwarts. We are no word count, 18+, laid-back adults who can throw down serious feels and serious fun. Come by and say hello!

Category: Harry Potter
written in the stars

welcome to written in the stars, we are a post-potter/marauder time clash harry potter rp site and we focus on character development rather than having an overarching plot. we are set on islands off the coast of hawaii. we offer opportunities for both...

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 3
Cedere Nescio

Cedere Nescio is an 18+ OC-only forum set in 2029 in the British Isles. Tension remains even three decades following the Second Wizarding War; new and old divisions remain as cracks across society.

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 5
Outrun the Sun

The year is 2021. It's been 23 years since the Battle of Hogwarts, since the day the Boy Who Lived triumphed over the Dark Lord, and since that day the magical world has been at peace. But it's been an uneasy and fragile peace. The decisive...

Category: Harry Potter
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Static Hogwarts RPG

All-Original Character Modern Era, 18, No WC, Intermediate, JCINK Premium. Static Hogwarts is one of the longest standing HPRPGs in the community with a history dating back to June 2004 and daily activity since November 2013. Come play a global character...

Category: Harry Potter
The Next Incantation

18+. Running since 2003, TNI is a long running RP with a rich history and intricate, but inclusive, plot. With muggles and wizards at war, who will come out on top?

Category: Harry Potter
Votes: 6

real-time wizarding world roleplay with a focus on a centralized school — elpída — greek for "hope" — located on an island more affectionately known to wizardkind as the "lost" city of atlantis in the north atlantic ocean, near the...

Category: Harry Potter
Finite Incantatem -- NOW ON JCINK PREMIUM

Finite Incantatem is an AU roleplay based around the world presented in Harry Potter books and movies. Set in 2022, our site features Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, Ilvermorny, and all of the wizarding communities surrounding these schools.

Category: Harry Potter