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Writers Realm

Writers Realm is a roleplaying site for any and everyone. Any writing style is welcome. Join our live chat, giveaways, comment back and fourth to friends, private message, post blogs and much more

Category: Fantasy
Duellum - Angels & Demons

Now with a dark/light skin toggle! The year is 2025. Los Angeles and Las Vegas have become the epicenter of the battle between angels and demons. A heavenly host of angels has been sent from Paradise to shift the scales and send evil back into the...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 127
World of Atharen

A unique fantasy universe for dedicated, long-term RP. We have a completely custom setting with awesome lore, and we're a friendly community. Check us out and join our Discord!

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 103

Welcome to Sinsomnia, a setting that is inspired initially by the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter book series.but now is a Supernatural site, as such we do not have any canon characters. We are an 18+ RP site, have a 3-3-3 rating, multiple species to choose...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 317
Las Valencia

Welcome to the city of shadows. The first modern city to legalize supernaturals, the only haven worldwide where anyone or anything can roam with freedom and not fear. Everything in the city is always open, and closed signs are few and far between....

Category: Fantasy
Return to Middle Earth

We are in the Fifth Age. Many thousands of years have passed since the Fellowship, destruction of Sauron, and joining of the Reunited Kingdom. Men have grown in number across the world, Elves have returned from the Undying Lands, along with Dwarves...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 67
All Who Wander

Spring has arrived on the continent of Atleos, but along with it… war. The warrior nation of Holmgard has landed on the coast of the peaceful druid lands of Dharti Maa, bulldozing over their people and laying claim to their sacred sites. Defenseless,...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 62
Pretty Good RPG

Our product is our platform. A reliable system and best practices made available with an easy registration. If you don’t like our frameworks, bring your own and connect with your peers to make something new - together.

Category: Fantasy
The Shores of Elysium

When a power-hungry empire set out to overtake a kingdom that dared to break free from The Order, a brutal war began. It seemed near impossible to win, and quickly began destroying everything they had worked so hard for. But once the surrounding islands...

Category: Fantasy
Shadowhunters Through The Ages

The Great War of 1845 between Demons and all other species brought about changes to each due to the side effects of a weapon used by the Angels out of desperation when all seemed lost. The Demons are once more rising up against the Shadow World nearly...

Category: Fantasy
Realms Forgotten: Aurea

An original, high fantasy RP where you have the freedom to be whoever- or whatever - you want. No activity requirement or Word Count, Character-Driven World Plot, and the ability to create your own species, we are centred on removing all the restrictions...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 20
Court of the Fallen

An active, inclusive, diverse, 18+ fantasy/medieval rp. With a fun and easy levelling system, dynamic plots, RPG-style quests and combat, & a fun and welcoming environment, CotF is truly a classic when it comes to the medieval/fantasy-style sandbox...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 32
Multerra RPG

Multerra is an online play-by-post PbP roleplaying game with crossover elements. Its an RPG where you write solo or cooperative stories, and your character grows and develops. Multerra is a unique setting that consists of a collection of worlds...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 1

The last great bastion of civilization — that’s Bastiona. When the forces of Malor, the Dark Lord, overwhelmed the forces of the Light’s Alliance, the gracious Queen Alana begged the gods for help. The god Saria answered, and raised Queen Alana’s...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 36
Standing Trials

An active fantasy RP with a strong player base and clear progression. Join us in a world of Immortals, Dragons and Spirits, where adventure lurks round every corner.

Category: Fantasy