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Dragon Age: Valiant Hearts

Dragon Age 4 AU site set in 9:48, after the events of Trespasser. When the Veil between the Fade and Thedas is removed, how does life change? How are you involved? Come find out today. The site features political intrigue, member-driven plots, and a...

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Minus: Unbowed Unbent Unbroken

An adventure based roleplay experience set in the World of Gor but with unique spins and more modern takes on certain aspects of the series. Our story is immersive, spanning several years and includes Sieges, Occupations and political schemes and...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 122
Las Valencia

Welcome to the city of shadows. The first modern city to legalize supernaturals, the only haven worldwide where anyone or anything can roam with freedom and not fear. Well. Not much fear. Las Valencia is a long standing, Supernatural RP board set in a...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 127
The Mistborne Isles

When the known worlds have been devastated by a cataclysm of flooding and eldrich mists descend on all, castaways discover a new land, untainted by civilization. Welcome to The Mistborne Isles, a medieval fantasy roleplay set in a new world where...

Category: Fantasy
Lie to Me: An adult-only, dark and gritty supernatural-dystopian roleplay welcoming writers 25+ into an original world

Earth was reset to a new, cleansed version of itself 10 years ago when mankind faced a culling with no explanation. Old Earth was effectively wiped clean of its decaying lands, polluted waters, and abandoned structures and has been condensed into the...

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Votes: 136

Your journey starts here... Timeless is a fantasy roleplay site (18+), for original characters of different species, set within an infinite timeline throughout the span of history. We also now have a discord come join!:

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Votes: 23
Court of the Fallen

An active, inclusive, diverse, 18+ fantasy/medieval rp. With a fun and easy levelling system, dynamic plots, RPG-style quests and combat, & a fun and welcoming environment, CotF is truly a classic when it comes to the medieval/fantasy-style sandbox...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 33
World of Atharen

A unique fantasy universe for dedicated, long-term RP. We have a completely custom setting with awesome lore, and we're a friendly community. Check us out and join our Discord!

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 9
Once Bitten RPG

Centuries ago, the magical and non-magical world lived as one. Species lived together, laws were created to help protect both the magical and non-magical so that they could live in harmony. However, over time, with the hostilities between the species and...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 22
Multerra RPG

Multerra is an online play-by-post PbP roleplaying game with crossover elements. Its an RPG where you write solo or cooperative stories, and your character grows and develops. Multerra is a unique setting that consists of a collection of worlds...

Category: Fantasy
Return to Middle Earth

We are in the Fifth Age. Many thousands of years have passed since the Fellowship, destruction of Sauron, and joining of the Reunited Kingdom. Men have grown in number across the world, Elves have returned from the Undying Lands, along with Dwarves...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 0
Writers Realm

Writers Realm is a roleplaying site for any and everyone. Any writing style is welcome. Join our live chat, giveaways, comment back and fourth to friends, private message, post blogs and much more

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 3
The Verdant Dynasty

We are an original fantasy universe where the world and lore evolves based on players, and everything is earned through play.

Category: Fantasy
Chronicles of Esshar

Chronicles of Esshar is a collaborative roleplaying game with realtime, action combat, crafting, hundreds of abilities, guilds, housing, a player run economy, and many other features that enhance and enrich the focus on storytelling and character...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 15
The Forbidden City

TFC is an original 18+ supernatural - based RP site, set in fictional, present-day Maipolis, Nevada; a city most prefer to solely as the Forbidden City as the supernatural hunters have taken over, forbidding any creature that isn't human to roam...

Category: Fantasy