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The Verdant Dynasty

We are an original fantasy universe, where the world and lore evolves based on players, and everything is earned through play.

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 710
Valiant Hearts

Dragon Age 4 AU site set in 9:48, after the events of Trespasser. When the Veil between the Fade and Thedas is removed, how does life change? How are you involved? Come find out today. The site features political intrigue, member-driven plots, and a...

Visit Category: Fantasy
Votes: 669

Your journey starts here... Timeless is a fantasy roleplay site (18+), for original characters of different species, set within an infinite timeline throughout the span of history. We also now have a discord come join!:

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Votes: 143
World of Atharen

A unique fantasy universe for dedicated, long-term RP. We have a completely custom setting with awesome lore, and we're a friendly community. Check us out and join our Discord!

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 324
Las Valencia

Welcome to the city of shadows. The first modern city to legalize supernaturals, the only haven worldwide where anyone or anything can roam with freedom and not fear. Well. Not much fear. Las Valencia is a long standing, Supernatural RP board set in a...

Category: Fantasy
Minus: Unbowed Unbent Unbroken

An adventure based roleplay experience set in the World of Gor but with unique spins and more modern takes on certain aspects of the series. Our story is immersive, spanning several years and includes Sieges, Occupations and political schemes and...

Category: Fantasy
Shadowhunters Through The Ages

The Great War of 1845 between Demons and all other species brought about changes to each due to the side effects of a weapon used by the Angels out of desperation when all seemed lost. The Demons are once more rising up against the Shadow World nearly...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 96
All Who Wander

Spring has arrived on the continent of Atleos, but along with it… war. The warrior nation of Holmgard has landed on the coast of the peaceful druid lands of Dharti Maa, bulldozing over their people and laying claim to their sacred sites. Defenseless,...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 77
Multerra RPG

Multerra is an online play-by-post PbP roleplaying game with crossover elements. Its an RPG where you write solo or cooperative stories, and your character grows and develops. Multerra is a unique setting that consists of a collection of worlds...

Category: Fantasy
Return to Middle Earth

We are in the Fifth Age. Many thousands of years have passed since the Fellowship, destruction of Sauron, and joining of the Reunited Kingdom. Men have grown in number across the world, Elves have returned from the Undying Lands, along with Dwarves...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 45
The Forbidden City

TFC is an original 18+ supernatural - based RP site, set in fictional, present-day Maipolis, Nevada; a city most prefer to solely as the Forbidden City as the supernatural hunters have taken over, forbidding any creature that isn't human to roam...

Category: Fantasy
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Thorns Uprising

The world of Vita is an original Victorian fantasy with sentient magic, airships, mythical beasts, and long lost secrets. We have criminal organizations, lofty universities, government resistance, eager politicians, and disgruntled servants—there is...

Category: Fantasy
Forgotten by Time [Jcink Premium RP]

Forgotten by Time (FBT) is an original modern supernatural rpg that follows the stories and lives of the residents of Blackrest. Blackrest is a fictional city located in Ontario, Canada that acts as a sanctuary city for supernatural beings. Like every...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 1

A High Fantasy post-apocalyptic text-based roleplay. With themes also in medieval, steampunk, and magic! Where you can play just about anything, from humans to non-humans, dragons, and even demi-gods. Dive on into the city of Thragg, where magic has just...

Category: Fantasy
Aoyn the World of Roleplay

Aoyn is an 18+ roleplay site. Newly created and seeking users to add to the site's content. The planet Aoyn is a canon creation that will offer diverse settings but that isn't the only setting there is. You can RP in the different sections on...

Category: Fantasy