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Harry Potter

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Start as an 11 year old entering Hogwarts. Role-play, attend classes, collect Chocolate Frogs Cards... is a brand new RP website, make it what you want it to be. Self made and hosted. Original characters only.

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Static Hogwarts RPG

All-Original Character Modern Era, 18, No WC, Intermediate, JCINK Premium. Static Hogwarts is one of the longest standing HPRPGs in the community with a history dating back to June 2004 and daily activity since November 2013. Come play a global character...

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Votes: 212
The Treehouse

The Treehouse is a Post-Potter Sandbox RPG that spans the entire magical and muggle worlds. This forum focuses on four of the main magical schools from Harry Potter canon: Beauxbatons, Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Ilvermorny. However, characters from other...

Category: Harry Potter
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Ilvermorny Online

Ilvermorny School Online is a Wizarding World RPG. The repeal of Rappaports Law had meant a shift away from outdated views in favor of a progressive stance on the No-Majs, but not everyone was happy with the change. For years, the hate Scourers felt...

Category: Harry Potter
Finite Incantatem -- NOW ON JCINK PREMIUM

Finite Incantatem is an AU roleplay based around the world presented in Harry Potter books and movies. Set in 2022, our site features Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, Ilvermorny, and all of the wizarding communities surrounding these schools.

Category: Harry Potter
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The Ministry

The Ministry is a Harry Potter board set a few years after the Battle of Hogwarts. We are no word count, 18+, laid-back adults who can throw down serious feels and serious fun. Come by and say hello!

Category: Harry Potter
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Hogwarts School

HSNet is an all-ages, no word count, AU Harry Potter roleplay set in the 1940s. With a hardworking staff and 15 years of history, HSNet has something for everyone. Sound like your cup of tea? We've been expecting you.

Category: Harry Potter
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Atop Mount Greylock

Welcome to Atop Mount Greylock--A modern day Ilvermorny RPG for OCs. Create an adult to wreak havoc or live a quiet life in the town, with plenty of activities, restaurants and stores to browse. Or, enroll a student and immerse yourself in magic classes,...

Category: Harry Potter
New York Academy for the Gifted

18 and Older Site, Original Characters Only. Discover your story at New York Academy, a Harry Potter Love and Drama Rpg. Come play with the Pureblood Elites at the school. Secret parties, a potions ring, and an entire city at their disposal. These...

Category: Harry Potter
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Managing Mischief

We are an AU Marauders Era site. The year is 1978 and the Marauders and company are in their Seventh year. The month is Jan-March. The first war has begun in earnest and in the rest of the wizard world, things are getting dangerous.

Category: Harry Potter
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Accio Nox

The last of the Death Eaters have finally been rounded up, and the world is experiencing peace for the first time in almost 30 years. Can we rebuild the world together Join up and lets find out. Canon Compliant excluding Epilogue and Cursed Child. Newly...

Category: Harry Potter
c h e r o p h o b i a

Cherophobia is a unique jcink RP focused around a magical hotel in the Harry Potter universe, currently set in 1938. If youre looking for a new home and all the magical trimmings for a pleasant writing experience, we invite you to join us

Category: Harry Potter
The Next Incantation

18+. Self Hosted. Running since 2003, TNI is a long running RP with a rich history and intricate, but inclusive, plot. With muggles and wizards at war, who will come out on top?

Category: Harry Potter
Tallygarunga  Harry Potter like never before

Reject fandom boredom Be part of the Harry Potter-inspired roleplay actively expanding the wizarding world Featuring all new classes, wizarding school, a university and additional playable species

Category: Harry Potter
Quills and Quaffles

Peace has finally come to the Wizarding World— or so it would seem. Beneath the surface, turmoil is brewing, and it’s ready to boil over. How will you make your mark? We're waiting for you to be a part of this brand new role play community! Welcome home.

Category: Harry Potter