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Votes: 355
The Expanse RP

We are a fan made free form forum roleplaying site based on James S. A. Corey novels and Syfys Expanse Universe. It is a futuristic Hard Sci-Fi board that details the human expansion and colonization of the solar system and the lives of those Earthers,...

Category: Sci-Fi
Votes: 250
New Dawn

New Dawn is an 8 year old community writing in a rich Science Fantasy setting. Write as one of many fantasy species, join battles between factions, explore the remnants of a damaged galaxy, or simply go on adventures with others. We reward activity, fun...

Visit Category: Sci-Fi
Votes: 133
Shadow Fleet

Shadow Fleet was established in January of 2007 to bring Star Trek fans together in community discussion as well as canon based, high quality role-playing. Today, were a growing internet presence and one of the few RPGs that can offer a friendly,...

Category: Sci-Fi
Votes: 21
Sirocco Weyr

A semi-canon DRoP roleplay set at the beginning of the third pass. We offer a relaxed writing atmosphere, IC participation with rewards, competitions with great prizes, a unique threadfighting system, member influence available with our realmcrafter, no...

Category: Sci-Fi
Votes: 13
infinite dreams

Infinite Dreams is a moderate to intermediate, mature role-playing site where we pick up from where Captain America Civil War left off and into a future where the Infinity Stones shall come in play. We write our own version of the Marvel Cinematic...

Category: Sci-Fi
Votes: 10
USS Adams

The USS Adams is a forum based RPG, our total forum posts exceeds 110.000 posts, the USS Adams was founded, August 02, 2005. Looking for a fun and welcoming Star Trek/Sci-fi forum based Role Playing Game ? Look no further because the Adams has it all...

Category: Sci-Fi
Votes: 6
Starbound Serenity

Starbound Serenity is a roleplaying community for adults based on a melding of lore from the game Starbound and Firefly. Our focus is on having a character get out there and experiencing new things, in events run by our own moderators and community...

Category: Sci-Fi
Votes: 1
Jedi RP

A Star Wars role-playing forum thats been active since the late 1990s, is a community oriented, storytelling site eager to welcome new users. If you think you have what it takes to wield the Force, or command fleets of starships, or go on a...

Category: Sci-Fi
Southern Winds Weyr

We are a mature, non-canon Pern set beyond the 9th Pass with an altered time line. This means things have been shaken up quite a bit. We also feature 2 mutations of dragons, with roles and positions available for just about anyone. We like active players...

Category: Sci-Fi
Journey to the Stars

Mass Effect Andromeda Roleplay, opened July 2017, hosted on jcink.

Category: Sci-Fi
Votes: 1

An AU Marvel AU where everything you thought you knew is gone. We allow Canons and OC, plus our members effect our plots

Category: Sci-Fi
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Her five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Category: Sci-Fi
Maelstrom: You Create the Galaxy

Maelstrom is a sci-fi-themed roleplaying site where the universe is created collaboratively by YOU the members. Play as humans living on the Watchtower space station or create your own alien species along with their home planet. No word count. Friendly...

Category: Sci-Fi
Votes: 0

We're a mature, literate, open-universe science fiction RP. We focus on collaborative writing and highly interactive play-by-post gameplay. Join the megaship, the SS Defiance, as it roams lost in a distant quadrant of the galaxy.

Category: Sci-Fi
Votes: 0
Twilight Moments

A Original Character Site Based of the Twilight Series. Vampires, Shifters, Angels and Demons. You will find them all here trying to live there lives. However, There is a small group of humans, known as the creed, who are looking to end the supernaturals...

Category: Sci-Fi