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The Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum is forum for roleplayers and writers of all genres and all skill levels. Whatever your fantasy, dream, or nightmare, The Inner Sanctum welcomes you express it. Join us in The Inner Sanctum. 18 and over, only.

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Solvitur Charta Roleplay

Solvitur Charta Roleplaying is for writers and roleplayers of all ages, skill level and genres. Whether you want to cross Middle Earth, join the Hunger Games or make your own universe, we welcome self-expression. We have 18 sections for the mature...

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Black Dahlia Roleplaying

Black Dahlia Roleplaying is a new adult forum where we allow your creativity to blossom. Whether you are a new or experienced roleplayer - this is the place where you can focus on writing with other people, character development and much more. Black...

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Votes: 633
Storytellers Circle

A fresh, new site with a healthy growing community of writers and roleplayers. Personal forum space and private chatrooms offered for large play-by-post roleplays and tabletop games.

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Votes: 532
RP Collective

Focused on collaborative story-telling spanning all genres, RPC is home to an active and social community

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Red Light District Role-Playing

Red Light District Roleplaying is an adult writing site that allows 18 and older writers of all experience levels to come together and enjoy adult content.

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Votes: 485
Tales Untold

We are an 18 and older, mature, creative writing community which welcomes writers of all levels to join. Join others like you and immerse yourself in fantasy, horror, slice of life genres and more

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Rebellion Roleplaying

Time for a little Rebellion...Rebellion Roleplaying is an 18+, multi-genre, roleplaying community. At RRP, we let the users have their world, their way. RRP is devoted to letting the users run the site, letting you choose what you want to see on the...

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The Omniverse

The Omniverse is a crossover RPG with a unique style, where you may join with any character, pre-existing or original. Earn Omnilium with every post, gain powers, transformations and allies, and make your mark on a completely mutable world.

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Pan Historia - Writing & Roleplay Community

Pan is a community for role play & collaborative fiction. We cover all genres: historical, fantasy, contemporary, science fiction, horror, & fanfic. Basic membership is free and includes unlimited role play opportunities, customizable home pages, and...

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Votes: 107
Roleplay Global

Roleplay Global is an up and coming 18 roleplay board with everything to suit your needs, whether it be one on ones or large group ventures, we cater to it all. We want to form a community where everyone feels comfortable in there own skin and niches. We...

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Votes: 99

A confluence of worlds waiting for you to unleash your imagination. The OASIS is a collaborative writing sanctuary where you connect with other Architects to build your own stories. Choose your Order and let your powers of creation become unrestrained...

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Requiem Library

Welcome to the Library, where you write the stories in the books on our shelves. We are an 18 and up mature writing community who are at the very beginning of starting out-this is a great time to join to help mold and build the library with other like...

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Votes: 38
Behind Closed Doors

BCD is a new 18 role playing website that enjoys writing stories with some sexual flair. Whether you are new or experienced, we want your creativity to flow without fear of being judged or feeling like youre in an unsafe environment. Our genres are...

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Votes: 23
Wolf Pack RolePlays

Started as a Role-play Clan 14 years ago, we have grown into a crew that loves to create different kinds of role-plays. With 4 sections to choose from, including an Original Concept Multi Verse, there is something for everyone. Most of us are Para to...

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