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An immersive setting combines with a friendly community and active staff to deliver a one-of-a-kind roleplay and writing experience. If you like writing, worldbuilding, and character development, check us out.

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Chronicles RP

Chronicles RP is a freeform, sandbox roleplaying forum set in an original medium magic fantasy setting. Unburdened by stats and bound by few regulations, the members are encouraged to world-build and expand on the lore with their own writing. Through...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 659
Multerra RPG

Multerra is an online play-by-post PbP roleplaying game with crossover elements. Its an RPG where you write solo or cooperative stories, and your character grows and develops. Multerra is a unique setting that consists of a collection of worlds...

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Votes: 503
Standing Trials

In a world where immortal beings wage war using mankind as their weapons, how would you fare during the trials of life and death? -- Standing Trials is a play by post RP that has a unique leveling system not commonly found in other roleplays. Come check...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 502
Thorns Uprising

Thorns Uprising is an small and welcoming community of intermediate to advanced writers who enjoy participating in collaborative storylines, political intrigue, racial tensions, magical mysteries, world building, and character development. We are a...

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Votes: 76
Cry wolf

Vampires, werewolves and fae, oh my! An AU Mercy Thompson RP set in the Tri-cities of Washington. Create your own fae lore or pick from over the over 50 options available. Featuring eight species to choose from and a focus on slice of life RP with the...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 50
Heir Apparent

The Kingdom of Lorendale is ruled by a dying king. With no wife, and, consequently, no heir apparent, the king is preparing to select his replacement from candidates vying for his favor. Four nieces and nephews of the king. Four potential heirs. Only...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 49
Devils Tattoo

A fresh original supernatural site with various species of werecreatures, set in the modern day fictional town of Pine Creek, Kentucky. Focused on creepy things, clan politics and small town relationships, we have plenty of canons open and welcome...

Category: Fantasy
The Dark and Hollow Places

New to Giralda, I see. Well, it takes all sorts around here. Take that shifty-eyed weasel by the fire. Oh, he acts looks like a simple merchant, peddling meager wares, but watch what you say around him. The Empires got ears everywhere... See those two...

Category: Fantasy
Seito Institute of Higher Learning  Modern Fantasy Roleplaying Forum

A collaborative storytelling structure of all genres, Seito hosts an active and friendly community of writers. Create your own character and story line. Check us out

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 22
Dyadic Theorem

Dyadic Theorem is an AU futuristic fantasy role play centered around the city of New Rome and its inhabitants.

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 19

Welcome everyone to Eylsayn. A beautiful city that welcomes all races, ages and is at the forefront of cutting edge technologies and minds. But the seedy underbelly of society runs strong, with two today mafias working to get control over the illegal...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 16
Long Live Evil

Long Live Evil is an advanced role-playing forum set in an alternate version of the TV movie Descendants.The first batch of children of the villains have chosen to reform. Maleficient was returned to the island as punishment. Now a new batch of students...

Category: Fantasy
Votes: 16
The Hound Pits Pub

A collaborative, writing based, play-by-post roleplaying experience set in the world of the Dishonored video game series. Focusing on Gristol and Serkonos, two of the continents of the Empire of the Isles.

Category: Fantasy
Terrea a role play, pet site, breeding game and more

Terrea is a mix between a role play site, a pet site, a breeding game and more. You start with a mochi-like blobling that you can shape into nearly any creature your heart desires. The game begins during the rise of a new world after an apocalyptic-level...

Category: Fantasy